We want to start by saying a big thank you to Wedxotica and their team for giving us the most beautiful and stress free wedding. We live in New York, and our wedding was not being organized by our parents as it mostly happens. We decided to get married and figured 9th July, 2010 will be the month best suited. January end is when we contacted Wedxotica on a recommendation of a friend who had attended a wedding in Udaipur which was planned and executed by Wedxotica. That's when actually the preparations started for our wedding.

We were very pleased and surprised by the hard work and creative inputs the team of Wedxotica put in our wedding. We hired their help for arranging the 4 wedding functions, Mehendi, Sangeet & Cocktail, Wedding and Reception, but they went above and beyond all our expectations and helped us with so much more. I particularly remember the time Sangeeta's Makeup guy, that we had hired on our own, cancelled on us a month before the wedding date. Wedxotica offered to help and arranged for a makeup artiste. I felt Sangeeta couldn't have looked more beautiful, she looked unbelievably stunning. They had everything all under control, all brilliantly planned and even fabulously delivered.

Our Sangeet was a fun evening with the Wedding Band who played Bollywood and even Gujarati Garba songs.. We can't forget all our guests being surprised at the band and how they got everyone on the dance floor. They never complained and played almost any song that was asked for. It was an amazing evening where no one seemed to stop dancing. Our Guests hadn't stopped raving about the Sangeet even after our first wedding anniversary. All our functions were just beyond perfection, better than we had hoped for or imagined. Both Sangeeta and I, cannot thank Wedxotica enough for everything, for making our wedding so beautiful and memorable. Every time we see our storyboard or the Albums, we relive our whole wedding all over again. Thank you once again Wedxotica, You'll are simply fantastic, undoubtedly.
Varun & Sangeta Desai
New York

A wedding is the most memorable and special occasion for every couple but when you hardly have any time to plan it, it feels like a nightmare!! We live in Dubai but decided on a destination wedding in Mauritius, we had 6 functions in 3 days, all different venues, plus arranging accommodation for all our guests from almost all everywhere in the world. Fortunately, I remember barely 4 months prior to the wedding date I got in touch with Wedxotica, I don't remember how though. I am not exaggerating when I'm saying that Wedxotica team just made sure everything was taken care of. I was very nervous as there was hardly any time and getting things arranged in a completely different place all together but I was in for a huge surprise. Our wedding turned out to be the most fabulous occasion I had ever seen, except of course in Bollywood movies!!!

All in all, who can arrange a big fat Sindhi wedding in three weeks flat, that too a destination wedding! Well Wedxotica sure can, without a doubt. It is ten months since my wedding now, and I can't stop raving about their co-operation and generous attitude. Anyone reading this testimonial will be surprised to know that both my husband and I were in Dubai while these arrangements were being taken care of in Mauritius. I also should not forget to mention when my bridal makeup artist, I had booked, actually messed up everything at the Sangeet, Wedxotica arranged a fabulous and famous makeup artist at the last minute. I was extremely pleased. I had only wished I asked them to arrange one for me right from the beginning.

Wedxotica made our almost impossible last minute dream, possible for us. We could never thank them enough...
Many Thanks...
Radhika & Samarth Punjwani

Wedxotica were the most helpful and friendly team of people that we came across while planning for our wedding. The entire process was absolutely free of any kinds of hassle or stress and completely enjoyable! We didn't at all feel that we had so many things to be taken care of for our wedding. Everything was just so nicely done as soon as we made up our minds. We never had to say anything twice. It's also great that the team of Wedxotica is of all young and dynamic individuals who understood our every smallest needs and were extremely knowledgeable about the most current trends. They are also so very open to suggestions and experiments. Thanks, you guys are indeed the best! All the best!!!
Smitha & Abhinav Krishnarajan

Being the Mother of the Bride is never an easy task. It probably is the most difficult part a woman has ever played. I want to individually Thank Aditya and Hitiksha and their entire team so much for the most memorable time I have had during my only daughter's wedding. Everything went without a hitch and I had been luxuriously praised by friends and family alike. I know that this praise rightly belongs to you three and your silent but ever present supervision and I would really like to convey my gratitude to all of you. Thank you again for all your help and suggestions.

Mr. Saraf and I will probably be shifting to Udaipur permanently next month, but I will remember you all and wish you great success in your work and life. You'll planned everything so well keeping in mind and understanding all my requirements and preferences perfectly and worked accordingly. A true attribute of being thoroughly professional and absolutely in love with what you do... I wish all three of you'll great success and luck in life...
God bless you all...
Mrs. Saraf
Bride's Mother